Hani Elkadi
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In the Community

Iowa City is home and the community, part of Hani's family. As such you will find Hani throughout Iowa City and the surrounding area interviewing community members, directing art projects and connecting with locals sharing his passions as an artist, teacher, and writer. Look for Hani in the local newspaper (Press Citizen), television station (Iowa PublicTV Network to Iowa Public Access Television), and schools.

Hani Elkadi


Ever wanted a self-portrait? Interested in learning art? Have a community art project? Hani can help. Contact now.

Hani Elkadi

Hani interviews and draws portraits of influential individuals about their contributions to the community. Find Hani's work in the "Opinion" or "Life" sections of Iowa City Press-Citizen on a regular basis

Hani Elkadi


Partnering with local schools and community projects, Hani directs the creation of vibrant and impactful murals. 

Hani Elkadi


Stay up-to-date about the initiatives of the Iowa City Community School District. With Hani as your producer and host, get to know leaders throughout the district. Tune in Mondays at 7PM on IPTV (channel 18), weekends on the Education Cable Channel 21 and on YouTube as well as Public Access TV website.


"His gift is understanding, his lessons through art, & his impact immeasurably important to the soul."

-Megan Bishop, Artist & Teacher