Hani Elkadi
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Described by Iowa’s leading poet the late Paul Engle as “a true renaissance man of the world.” Hani Elkadi was raised in Egypt, and lived in multiple countries before he chose Iowa as home.  During the Middle East war of 1956, a lot of his family members were killed. As a young child victimized by war he became determined to devoting the rest of his life to further the cause of peace everywhere in the world. Dr. Elkadi is currently drawing and painting regularly. For the last two decades, he has been writing and illustrating an editorial column for the Iowa City Press-Citizen and producing a couple of local TV programs. His career as a journalist and doctor took him many places in the world where he witnessed -first hand- many of the international crisis. There, he wrote and illustrated the tragic events of the last quarter of the 20th century.  Hani has had his art exhibited in many shows all over the world. Most of his political cartoons were published in the Des Moines Register during the 1980. The Annual Iowa City Schools Art Exhibition (sponsored by the University Credit Union) was named after Hani to become ‘The annual Hani Elkadi Art Show for Iowa City Schools.”

Hani received his art education (painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture) in Alexandria, Italy, and Holland and the U.S.; his science education in Cairo, his medical education in Alexandria and London.